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Most volunteers will be the first to tell you that they receive deep personal benefits. They volunteer to give back or pay it forward; to feel proud or fulfilled; to meet new people or work as part of a team; or because they have a particular skill to share or to learn.

Regardless of their personal reasons, here are just some of the valuable ways volunteers make an impact when they come forward and ask, “How can I help?”

  • By making our events successful. Many fundraising event will be conducted across the U.S., our volunteers are what will make these events memorable and successful.
  • By helping with fundraising efforts. In churches, sororities, fraternities and hundreds of other organizations, volunteers help raise the money that enables us to support more students each year.
  • By chairing or supporting campaigns. Stepping up to chair a workplace giving campaign or by making a workplace contribution, you help achieve our mission of getting more students to and through college.
  • By helping in one of our scheduled events. Taking time out of your week to augment the efforts of our paid staff enables us to extend our reach in order to conduct more events, raise more money and make an even bigger difference.
  • By joining us at GEAA. Volunteers provide significant support, guidance and awareness about their local communities by keeping us informed about local networking and fundraising opportunities.

To learn more and to find the perfect place for your time and talents, e-mail : volunteer@lighthousechapter.com