Officers  | Gamma Epsilon Alumni Asssociation | 2018-2020

President – Rigo Garcia, II

Vice President – Sam Sealey

Treasurer – Steve Sealey

Recording Secretary – Julian Harden

Parliamentarian – Rigo Garcia, II

Ombudsman – Rameses Cox-Bey

Historian – Almon Smith

Assistant Treasuer – Leonard Childs

Board Member – Derrick Stallworth

Board Member – Art Spencer

Board Member – Leonard Spencer

Board Member- Eric Jackson

GEAA Members

Alumni Ranks in Giving

Gamma Epsilon 70th Anniversary

Fundraising Goals

GEAA vision

” Our vison is to be a leading partner in the growth and success of Tuskegee University, to bring together innovative ideas and resources and to strive to be the most influential philanthropic alumni organization.”
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Find out more about Us

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